"Avoid, I say, what ever is approved of by the mob"

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

So, you’re on shift and out on patrol. You work on the rougher side town comprised of lower income housing projects and high crime rates. It’s midday in the middle of your shift during the summer, maybe you have your windows down and you decide to cruise along one of the streets in one of those neighborhoods. You see a group of kids, maybe 7 to 10 years old, playing basketball in the street and as you approach them in your cruiser they stop playing and move out of your way.

And as you pass them, you give a wave and a smile, with the intention of flexing that community policing muscle, but it all backfires. The lot of them give you the finger and yell “fuck the police!” But if you’ve been a cop long enough, even a few months, and specifically in lower income areas, you’re not all surprised by this. At least you shouldn’t be.

But nevertheless, it still leaves you saying to yourself, “these kids don’t even know why they’re saying that”. Now, this doesn’t go without saying that there are kids out there who are extremely perceptive to their surroundings and perhaps really do know why they’re shouting “fuck the police”, but for the majority, they are just imitating what they see and hear.

They live in a household where their parent (s), older brothers and sisters, older cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family friends constantly regurgitate their uninformed hateful rhetoric about the police because perhaps they’ve had a negative encounter or two. And let’s be honest, even the adults in the household are just as naïve and ignorant as a child can be.

The kids hear it constantly at home, and then when they’re with their friends in the street, who also live in similarly structured households, they regurgitate that rhetoric amongst themselves and it becomes one big ignorant mob mentality. And the next thing you know as a patrol officer, you’re being told to fuck yourself by a group of kids. But it’s not just children in lower income, high crime neighborhoods who are vulnerable enough to fall prey to that mentality.

Take another example of upper class, sheltered college students, who perhaps have never had a negative encounter with a cop or have never even had an encounter at all, who, in extreme cases, fall prey to and join up with the ideals of far-left organizations such as ANTIFA or BLM. They then walk around their college campus protesting injustices they’ve never actually witnessed, only saw or heard about it in propaganda-based news. They then graduate to wearing masks, hiding in the safety of the large number of people with similar agendas (an actual mob), and begin burning property and physically attacking those with opposing views in order to oppress and shut them up…all in the name of being anti-fascist (go figure).

It gets so out of control that in the grand scheme of things, when everything comes to a head, and damage has already been done, no one even really knows why they’re protesting or rioting to begin with. They claim that it was all in the name of destroying fascism, protesting police brutality, homophobia, xenophobia, President Donald Trump etc. But when you stop to ask them to provide examples of what injustices they’ve actually witnessed or incurred causing them to react so violently; they can’t give you an actual answer (see video below). So, why did they do it in the first place?