Welcome! "I shall put myself under observation straight away."

The stoics believed in daily self-examination and observation through means of meditation or reflection. Both Seneca and Marcus Aurelius wrote about their days and experiences while also taking the time, as Marcus called it, to retire into one's soul.

I started up my Instagram page, @TheStoicCop, in November of 2019, as well as wrote a book due out tentatively in October, with the intention of using my stoic studies to place policing under examination since I believe there is a disconnect between civilians and police, as well as a disconnect between the officer and their perception of the job.

And up until now I feel as if it's been successful. I may not have thousands of followers, but the number that I do have seem to be receptive to my message and intent, based on the personal feedback I have received from people.

Now, I plan on branching out with this blog site in hopes to expand a little more philosophically on topics currently making news in the world of law enforcement, while keeping in the scope of the stoic virtues.

There is definitely going to be growling pains since I have never blogged before or ran a website, so bear with me as I take on this endeavor. So, welcome! Now let's "place ourselves under observation straight away" -Seneca-

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